Learning and understanding how technology works by making it hands-on & accessible for all students.

Grades 3-8 | Technology Skills | Cloud-based

Who is Kano?

The founders of Kano (pronounced Con-O) were inspired by the example of another pioneer in education—Kano Jigoro. Kano founded the sport of Judo. What does Judo have to do with learning technology?

Judo, among other things, teaches its students how to use the power of their our own mind and body to “efficiently” tackle challenges. Sound familiar with technology? Working intelligently “with forces" rather than “against forces" produces “maximum benefit out of the most efficient effort” says Kano. So, it is fitting that Kano as a business supports students’ key understandings of how technology works in order for those same students to go on to live a life where technology works “for them” rather than against them.

Technology “working for us” in our lives, now and in the future, means understanding all students should possess the basic knowledge building blocks to demystify technology so regardless of career choice, they can draw on lifelong knowledge to have a healthy understanding of technology in everyday life. Rather than see students simply adopt and use name brand technology, Kano makes those building blocks of technology accessible to every student with fun projects. With a hands-on constructivist pedagogy, students build lasting understandings of basic relevant technologies imparting the sort of lifelong skills to better enable informed technology decisions.

Making technology “accessible” means Kano is dedicated to helping young learners understand how technology works. Whether a student is an emerging artist, author, scientist, athlete or eventual engineer, Kano believes it is certain that each will go on to live a life where making informed technology decisions is an everyday occurrence.

How Does Technology Work?

Just as Kano Jigaro set about how to make Judo accessible to all students all over the world, Kano is dedicated to making accessible fundamental understandings for how technology works. Technology is an integral part of our lives and as coding, IoT, hardware, and software each support students' critical and computational thinking, Kano knows that a steady stream of innovative instructional resources (hardware, software, and curriculum) are needed to ensure that students have the kind of foundational knowledge that endures through their education.

Regardless of what career path they choose, Kano's team of product specialists and educators dissect existing and new technologies that are mainstream and offer resources and classroom kits for students that deliver the kind of practical, hands-on understandings that last. Kano's constructivist, inquiry-based instructional methodology supports every teacher and every classroom's ability to impart important understandings as to how every day technologies work and can be utilized in a student's life.

What is Kano?

Everything you and your students need to understand technology and create with code:


  • The complete package to equip you and your students to understand technology and create with code.
  • Hours of engaging coding content - code art, games, and music, write docs, browse the web, and more.
  • The ability to access your favorite classroom apps available on the Raspberry Pi, including Chromium, Scratch, Google Docs, YouTube, and more.

What's in each kit?

Computer Kit Complete

Kano's Computer Kit Complete allows students to build a laptop step-by-step. Once the laptop is complete, students can learn to code with 150 hours of coding challenges!

The Computer Kit Complete includes everything you need to build a working laptop, including a keyboard, DIY speaker, HD screen, and rechargeable battery.

Pixel Kit

Kano's Pixel Kit allows students to build their own games, animations, and art. After the kit is built using simple step-by-step directions, students learn to code using the Kano Code app.

Kano Code runs the Pixel Kit. It's based on thousands of hours of real-world testing with artists, educators, and inventors worldwide. It uses simple steps, storytelling, game mechanics, and practical projects to demystify programming.

Motion Sensor Kit

The Motion Sensor Kit is Kano's simplest coding kit, made for movers, shakers, and makers. Anyone can make and play with the Motion Sensor Kit - big and small, young and young at heart. Just wave your hand and make magic.

The Motion Sensor Kit works with the Kano app. It uses simple steps, storytelling, and practical projects to help students understand the principles of coding, and have fun!

Sunburst Exclusive Curriculum Guide

Getting started is easy with our printed curriculum guide. The guide includes getting started tips and lesson plans.

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